Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mobile games harm consoles

There are harsh conditions in the industry for retail shops at the moment and the reason is quite clear: the console market isunder great pressure from mobiles and free apps.
This says John Schappert, who is one of the heavyweights inthe U.S. games industry: For just a year ago, he was the keyfigure at EA before he headed for Xbox Live, and right now he works at Zynga.

"Traditional gaming is under pressure," he said in an interview with MCV. "If the companies are not ready and still want to live in the traditional world, so can they. But there will only be a few big games every year.

Schappert says that traditional games focus more on core player, which limits their audiences. While game sales fall - in the United Kingdom it is 30 percent lower than last year, and in the U.S. it is 25 percent lower.

"The good news is that while we see the traditional gaming limit, so gaming is growing as a general whole. For me it's a positive message for the entire industry. But I think some people have to change."


  1. I do not completely agree with that because most of the games that are bought are for PS or Computer.

  2. I don't agree, maybe a game for a cell phone can be used for some time killing but not for real game entertainment, this starts from things like story and goes on to graphics, also, if i have the chance to play on my 50" (yes!!!) tv with my ps3 i will always do that instead of playin with a 3" phone.

  3. Theres never enough sales. Lets feel sorry cuz games are netting in the trillions.

  4. Never thought about it like this. Interesting point.

  5. The only ones I get are angry birds

  6. The guy who said this is from EA. His point in invalid.

    Let me know when someone from Valve or Mohjang has something to say.