Friday, May 11, 2012

Games and Russians Final Part

There have been courageous examples of changing the Russians with the Chinese or similar. From 2008 to now, if you remember in Homefront. They did had some problems they had to change. But in the game the United States is invaded and you play as a freedom fighter. But before the game was released, the producers behind Homefront had to change some things. It was partly a picture of Kim Jong-il from the opening scene. All texts which were written "deemed malicious two depends eksisterende person" changed to "Northern Leader." and "deemed malicious two depends eksisterende country" to "A Certain Country To The North." North Korea and China didn't like the first part and that is the main reason for the change.

It is as if the Russians have never had a problem with being the bad boys when Hollywood or American developers use them for this. As with the Homefront and the Red River which created a minor international crisis when it used other enemies. Ghost Recon AW2 was not released in Mexico and South Korea because South Korea was at war with itself and North Korea and some dispute with Mexico.

Has the turn come to China. Is it too cliché to use the Russians as enemies? China - a political, economic and ideological rival to the U.S. - seems like a much more logical chosen in future games as the bad boys. For the Games, China is the new Russia - China are the only one that has potential as a rival superpower to the United States and so it is fortunate that China is filled with a lot of communists! The idea of ​​the Homefront is nice enough, but the very idea of ​​a small country like Korea should be able to invade and take over large parts of U.S. territory does not seem realistic. It would seem much more frightening and realistic if it was China and the plot would play out much better.
Maybe it's just me

Finally I found a picture where it is shown how the enemies in the game most often comes from.

So I would like to conclude by reason probably is that In Russia You do not drive the car, but the Car Drives You! ;)

And sorry for the bad grammar.


  1. As for someone who lives in China.. I can't approve of this.
    Shooters shouldn't contain enemies of goverments and the people of the country involved.
    Terrorists groups like that are fine but USA vs Russia/China or whatever.. it's so lame.