Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Games and Russians Part 3

Take for example a very well known shooters like Call of Duty. Yes I know that you also have Russian friends who help and in MW 3 that play a Russian, Yuri, who wishes to kill Markarov.But this is not my point.
I remember well the episode at the airport in Modern Warfare 2 Here the mission was, if you accepted it, to kill civilians in Russia. Fair enough I thought, it sounds very realistic. So lets get to the U.S., a country at war and you are out on the streets. Among the first things I noticed, I missed, was the Civilians. They were gone, not a single ony. There were only military and civilian vehicles that responded to my sharp gaze.Why did Infinity Ward chose to avoid the civilian population in the U.S. but actually made a mission where you had to kill civilians in Russia?
It is as if there are these 3 main nations possessing enemies to our potagonist mostly Russia, Germany (WW2 games) and Arab countries. As for religion it is only Islam that can be evil.
Many of the stories in the games just trying to explain how such a war came along. Battlefield: Bad Company casts a war with the modern Russia without a single explanation of how it could be started. Call of Duty uses a bit of time explaining that it is Russian Ultra-nationalists.In other games the industry try to create a hybrid mixture of example. Frontlines: Fuel of War which has the Western world who fight against the Red Star and the Rogue Warrior also uses the Russians, but mixes them together with North Korea.

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  1. Russians are funny guys.

  2. in modern warfare 2 in the u.s. the civilians where probably all sitting in their private bunkers ;)

  3. You're right about the Islam thing.

  4. Civilians would fight in war thats for sure