Monday, May 7, 2012

Games and Russians Part 1

Eventually when playing most games, you experience that very many of them have 1 thing in common. The enemies are always from Russia.What causes this? The cold war is over and we are all well friends?Would it create an international crisis if we made the Germans, Chinese, or a third country as an enemy against the United States? Or will the game not sell as much if it was the US who was the enemy and the Russians who would save the world? There are obviously exceptions, but most of the game being produced sees Russia as something bad.
Is this because the developers grew up during the Cold War and even during the Berlin Wall? There were two world superpowers, the USA and USSR where they both had enough nuke power to destroy the Earth 4-5 times. Instead they chose to help other countries to go to war with each other. USA were made as the good guys, while the USSR wanted to spread darkness and brainwash nations with their communism. You got kids into believing that Communism was the devil's work. You can not just throw 50-60 years of ideology away. But how would a game be if, for example the Swedes were the bad boys? Is it because it would not make sense, and the game will come to seem comical and less realistic compared to if a crazy Russian General went berserk and tried to obtain the world's master judge.

Continued in the next blog


  1. well, maybe because of things like this the russians are still seen as the evil ones:

  2. Haha :P sounds like we'll get another great game soon enough :D

  3. I've thought about that. The Russians are nice people because they don't care about being known as the bad guys.

  4. haha have to agree with Random Blogger, It's crossed my mind a few times. I think they enjoy being the "bad guy".